Crafted in Grigio Nuvolato marble, our Doric washbasin pays homage to the Greek architectural style of the same name. Doric is recognised as the first style of Classical Greek Architecture, and can be found in columns in the Parthenon and the temple of Apollo at Corinth. Reflecting on the dedication of Greek architects to create long-lasting buildings we chose DORIC for this unique piece, which combines classic design and marble cutting techniques for a highly functional yet aesthetically pleasing piece.
The first cylindrical free-standing washbasin to complement MAAMI's Bath collection, DORIC takes centre stage in a bathroom with its incredible visual appeal. DORIC is carved in Grigio Nuvolato marble, reminiscent of grey clouds, with subtle grey veins against a white background. The linear carving contrasts with the smooth finish, adding incredible aesthetic appeal to your space.
DORIC is carved out of one big single block that has been divided and cut into four separate parts. The block division allows for precision matching of the veins within the marble for the production process, as well as facilitating the easier transportation and installation of the finished washbasin.
The DORIC washbasin is hand-finished following a complex production process with our marble cutting and turning machines. The DORIC washbasin's first installation is in the historic 1930's Café São Gonçalo in the stunning northern Portuguese town of Amarante, known for its associations with Portuguese poets and politicians.
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